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The 48 Hour Play Festival

Kitchen Sink's first EVER production in New York City, as well as Kitchen Sink's first EVER 48 Hour Play Festival! Director/Playwrights and Actors came together and were paired off into teams to create four 10 minute plays that were performed 48 hours later. The teams were each given a tweet from Cher's twitter account to prompt their writing.

This was performed in partnership with Matthew Corozine Studio in Midtown.


"Hope Deferred"

Writer/Director: Ramón Guzman

Hopeless: Trevor Markanovic

Hopeful: Ben Dworken

"The Trifle"

Writer/Director: Alexis Di Gregorio

John: Josh Bardier

Kacie: Tamara Lechner

"I Don't Wanna Read That Bullshit Newspaper"

Writer/Director: Evan Simone Frazier

Megan: Haley Rice

Janice: Em Hausmann

"Frisbee Golf"

Writer/Director: Samekh Resh

Miles: Daksh Puri

Jennie: Tessa Hoyos

Creative Team:

KSTC Producer/Stage Manager: Katie Royse Ginther

MCS Producer: Trevor Markanovic

MCS Producer/Photographer: Haley Rice

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