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Kitchen Sink

Formally known as "Ooky-Spooktacular Productions," college students Katie Royse Ginther and Audrey Andrews decided one day in 2021 that they would put on their own performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with members of their community in Bellingham, Washington. The original intention was only to put on the show, not to eventually create a production company. The entire 2021 production of Rocky Horror was rehearsed in Royse Ginther's driveway, as the two didn't have funding outside of their own pockets. With the help of community fundraisers and general donations, there were four sold out performances of Rocky Horror that took place at The Fairhaven Firehouse Event Center in Bellingham, Washington. The set was handmade by Andrews and members of The Sylvia Center for the Arts (now New Prospect Theatre), and the props and costumes were made by Andrews and Baily Schaefer.


After the massive following that their production of Rocky Horror received, Royse Ginther decided to produce and direct another project in Bellingham, this time out of The Sylvia Center for the Arts. Good Water, written by Jessica Moreland, is now a nationally acclaimed play that received recognition from The Kennedy Center in 2022 for being an outstanding new play that best represented the voice of the writer. Royse Ginther and Moreland had previously worked on Good Water in 2021, but they were ready to produce it under Kitchen Sink in an entirely new space. Good Water reached an entirely new population of theatre-lovers in the Bellingham and Seattle area, inspiring Royse Ginther to put on a summer stock season in partnership with The Sylvia Center. From there, Kitchen Sink's following continued to grow, inspiring Royse Ginther to take it to New York City.

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