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Kitchen Sink Theatre Company Presents
Affecting Expression

A Staged Reading

Written by Eliana Cohen-Orth

Directed by Eliyana Abraham

Join us in hearing Eliana Cohen-Orth's Affecting Expression on February 24th at 7PM.


We will be selling wine for $5 a glass at the show! Doors open at 6:45pm.

AFFECTING EXPRESSION explores queer history and three female artists’ multi-layered relationships with each other, art-making, legacy, and home. In 1852, renowned crossdressing Shakespearean actress Charlotte Cushman retires from the stage to move to Rome with her long-term partner, reserved writer Matilda Hays. Joining their party is an eccentric young sculptor named Harriet Hosmer and an enigmatic figure representing Charlotte’s stage persona. As the women navigate their intersecting artistic paths and the complexities of their relationships, the walls of their home and boundaries between art and reality become increasingly unreliable. Imagining a queer household before modern language to describe that experience, this queer tragicomedy combines history with fantastical elements to explore the thin line between finding and losing oneself in art. 

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