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We are currently seeking volunteer blog writers to allow us go expand our resources and hear from our community.

We are interested in exploring topics relating to:

  • Working in the theatre as an LGBTQIA+ artist

  • Early career stories & advice for theatre-makers

  • Reviews, commentary, or analyses of theatrical works which are particularly moving or relate to existing in a specific community



  • Posts may be any length, being mindful of the length of typical blog articles.

  • All accepted essays will be fact checked and edited for spelling, grammar, and formatting purposes only. Most blog topics will be opinionated, but should you include facts you will need to additionally provide a relevant source.

  • You may not submit a piece for promotional purposes.

  • The essay does NOT have to be exclusive to Kitchen Sink, but please let us know if it is published elsewhere so that we can make proper SEO adjustments. 



  • Provide a brief description of your background or personal connection to the topics you’d like to write about.

  • Provide a paragraph summarizing the topic of your article, or submit a completed draft if you have one.

  • Email these items to with VOLUNTEER BLOGGER in the subject line.


Writers will be credited by name, with a short author bio at the bottom of the essay/article.


Because we are unable to offer compensation at this time, we encourage writers to share their writing to other outlets and publications as they wish. Along with being published on the KSTC website, we will promote your blog on our social media accounts. This is a great opportunity for young artists to build their writing portfolio, and have their voice be heard through Kitchen Sink's platforms.

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