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Nicolas Cage is a Line Reading Champion, a Drama Daddy, a Comedy King, and a Father of Camp for Boys. Pick-Nic is a variety show that remixes Nicolas Cage's career and prolific memetic capacity. Our group of BIPOC and LGBTQ comedians and performers will inhabit the characters of the man, myth, and legend, from the Wicker Man to Moonstruck to Face-Off. Featuring acts based on real, infamous monologues, interviews, scenes, and more-- our interpretations of Mr. Cage abound through improv, dance, burlesque, and original musical theater.


And we aren’t here to make things perfect. Snowflakes are perfect! Stars are perfect. Not us! Not us! On this day, we are here to ruin ourselves and, and to break our hearts and love the wrong people and, and die! On this day, we celebrate our Patron Saint of White Masculinity. On this day, we Pick-Nic.

Introducing our Nicks

Olivia Murphy

Sarah Groustra

Jasmine Jordan

Allyson Kloster

Mimi Lam

Edson Montenegro

Trash Ketchum

Will Bruno

Katie Royse Ginther

BT Hayes

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