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Good Water by Jessica Moreland (2022)

Dates: April 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rdLocation: The Sylvia Center for the Arts (now New Prospect Theater)

Synopsis: A post-apocalyptic retelling of the Pandora's Box myth. After life-ending calamity strikes, Mica and Hesiod do their best to survive on the outskirts of a desolated town. Their only companion is a curious and frustrated AI named Pandora, whose only wish is to see the outside world. One day, a mysterious jewelry box appears in Pandora's room, and she refuses to open it. Dealing with grief and fighting for hope, what are Mica and Hesiod willing to do to get that box? How do you keep going when you've arrived at the end of the story?




Mica: Christa Knickerbocker

Hesiod: Carly Cloward

Pandora: Leah Shannon

Nyx: Drew Winston

Charlie: Alyssa Rueckert

Hesiod Understudy: Katie Royse Ginther



Director: Katie Royse Ginther

Playwright: Jessica Moreland

Stage Manager: Nic Fahey

Assistant Director: Austin Denton

Assistant Stage Manager: Dylan Braund

Costume Designer: Baily Schaefer

Assistant Costume Designer: Robert Pugh

Props Designer: Sarah Williams

Set Designer: Kaitlin Barrailler

Assistant Set Designer: Katie Glasser

Lighting Designer: Max Wesson

Sound Designer: Maddie Unger

Production Assistant: Alex Quiring

Choreographer: Ariana Gant

Lead Producer: Katie Royse Ginther

Promotional Photographer: Abbey Sacks



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